Review of the LifeLock Credit Monitoring Service

LifeLock ultimatePicture this: you’ve just passed the mid-day point of an average work day. You’re finally about to dig into that task you couldn’t get to yesterday when you’re abruptly interrupted by your phone ringing. It’s your credit card company asking if you’ve recently bought any cell phones from Detroit. You live in California. Welcome to the reality of identity theft, where you’re lucky to even receive this call. Your unfinished work will have to age another day. Your schedule for the night has just been filled with reading through all your credit statements from the past 6 months with a magnifying glass, marking each unauthorized purchase made under your identity. How could this have been avoided?

LifeLock Credit Monitoring Service sports a tagline that reads “Relentlessly protecting your identity” which accurately sums up their purpose into 4 neat words. More and more people are trusting the expertise of Life Lock and other credit monitoring services to prevent the scenario above from ruining their week. Unfortunately, many only after they experience painful identity theft. Credit monitoring services keep a close eye on your credit reports for suspicious activity, alerting you if necessary. This is a proactive approach to stopping identity theft as it happens, rather than attempting to clean up the mess after the damage has been done.

Life Lock is a particularly interesting company because of the non-standard features they offer with their credit monitoring service that makes it easy for consumers to stay safe and ward off potential risks of identity theft. Most notable is their bold $1,000,000 guarantee. If you become a victim of identity theft while a member of LifeLock because of a failure in our service, we will help you fix it, up to $1 million. (Restrictions apply. See for details). This is one of the main reasons CreditFlare recommends the Life Lock service.  It’s absolutely the most comprehensive monitoring service on the market.  Period!


Credit monitoring is just one of the five points of protection offered by Life Lock. Here’s a quick breakdown on what you pay for as a Life Lock member:

  • Identity Monitoring: As you as you enroll, your credit records will be watched for suspicious activity throughout a network which includes public records, court records, and if you’re a Life Lock Ultimate member, all three major credit bureaus.
  • Defense by Offense: This is another feature unique to Life Lock. Not only is your identity monitored, but the company actually searches criminal websites known for selling personal information to ensure there has not been a breach.
  • Instant Notifications: The primary strength of Life Lock’s identity theft protection is their customer service. You get alerts by e-mail, phone, and/or text message if your personal information may have been used.

The FTC reported that 4.9% of U.S. adults fell victim to identity theft in 2011, and I bet none of them expected to fall into that group. With the risk of identity theft rapidly increasing, it makes sense to invest into Life Lock credit monitoring service for the peace of mind. Enrolling into a Life Lock program today ensures your identity is being protected by professionals.

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