The Best Mortgage Lenders Online in 2017

top10logoWith the housing market seeing some nice momentum in the past 6 months, now is definitely the time to jump on some of the lowest mortgage refinance interest rates the market has seen in some time.  2017may actually be your last chance to take advantage of these low rates.  It’s almost to the point of being a joke actually, because just when you think the mortgage refinance companies can’t lower the rates any further,you will inevitably spot a T.V. commercial or billboard with an insanely low re-fi rate that sounds too good to be true.

The truth is, these rates actually exist and you can definitely take advantage of them to refinance your current mortgage or apply for a new mortgage.  At the very least, you can lock in a good fixed interest loan and get out of that adjustable rate mortgage that’s probably been sucking you dry.  Here’s our picks for the best mortgage lenders online in 2015.  Some of these companies are not actual lenders, but offer excellent services to help you find the best refinance loan for your current situation.

1. 4half is the one of the nation’s leading online lending exchanges. Instead of directly funding mortgages, GetMyLender compares multiple lenders and provides financial tools to help the consumer choose the best loan for them. GML is a no obligation, free service which lets you enter your information one time, and compare multiple loan offers.   Give their lending comparison tool a try and see for yourself.

  • No personal information required
  • No commitment
    Personalized quotes in seconds

Click Here to Compare offers from multiple Lenders at! 

2. 4half

harp refi offers a variety of mortgage options including new mortgages, loan refinancing,  cash-out refinancing and more.  With RM Refinancing you know you’re in the hands of a trusted provider who will get you the most competitive rate possible.  Most loans will close in 30 days or less which means they work quickly to get you the best loan possible.  Single Family homes, Multi-Family Homes, Condos and Mobile homes can all qualify, no matter what state your credit it in.   Mortgage rates are still low. Refinance & Lower Your Payment with RateMarketplace Refinancing Quotes!

 3. 4half is another popular mortgage rate comparison site that searches for local mortgage lenders in your area and helps you find the right loan for your mortgage needs.  Compare refinance quotes AND new home loan quotes as well as home equity and reverse mortgage loans.  Lending Tree is a national comparison site, so they have access to some of the lowest rates you will find. You only need to complete one simple application to receive multiple loan quotes from competitive lenders.  Click here to visit to complete the form & get your FREE loan quotes.

4. Credit Sesame Mortgage & Refinancing 4half

credit sesame mortgagesThe Credit Sesame mortgage & refinance center is not an online lender, but we wanted to include it because they feature a collection of tools to help you make informed decisions about your next home mortgage or refinancing your current home loan.  As part of their service, you can analyze the current value of your home along with your credit and financial status to determine which mortgage is right for you.  There’s no credit card required. Start using the Interactive mortgage comparison tool. Instantly analyze loan rates and much more.

5. LowerMyBills Home Loans 4half

low mortgage nation bannerLowerMyBills Home Loans is currently matching homeowners with rates as low as 2.49% (2.71% APR) on a 15 year fixed and 3.68% APR on 30 year fixed loans.  With a very simple form, you will be able to get refinance, home equity loan, or new mortgage quotes from some of the most competitive lenders.  There is no obligation to select or use any of the offers you receive, however LowerMyBills Home Loans makes it very easy to complete the process and get your  application going.  You can complete the 3 step form and get your free mortgage quotes

6. Vision Lending Home Loans 4half


Vision Lending provides you with up to 5 customized refinance quotes to suit your loan needs.  With rates as low as 2.375%*, they will help match you with a premier lender to get you the lowest rate possible, while getting you out of your current, high APR home loan.  Compare home loans from Bank of America, Chase, Quicken Loans & US Bank. Another nice feature of  Vision Lending is the excellent tools & information they provide as free resources to assist you with any questions you have regarding refinancing, home equity loans, new home mortgages and much more.

7. E-Loan 4half

eloanFor over 15 years, E-Loan has assisted consumers in obtaining mortgage loans. E-Loan also provides credit cards, insurance, credit monitoring services and banking services. E-Loan even offer financial calculators and a whole learning center to help you make a good decision on what type of loan or service you need.


8. Citi Mortgage 4half

cmlogoHeadquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Citi Mortgage serves a wide range of customers across the U.S. The website is easy to use, offering a step by step guide on the home page that allows consumers to evaluate their financial standing and determine the mortgage options that are right for their current situation. With pre-approval on mortgage loans, consumers can focus on finding their new home with confidence that the financing is arranged.

9. Home Finance of America 4half

hfofamericaHome Finance of America has been serving mortgage clients since 1993 with one goal; total support throughout the entire mortgage process. Even when applying over the phone, the applicant will receive outstanding customer service and personalized assistance. The applicant is connected with a live representative to assist them through the application process. HFA also offers lock-in interest rates, guaranteeing the interest rates will not go up after the loan has been negotiated.

10. Bank of America 4half

boaBank of America provides the basics and provides them well. Mortgage calculators and a large menu, easy to use menu that indexes a library of mortgage information helps the applicant quickly get up to speed on mortgage information. Bank of America also offers a home loan planner, which helps borrowers plan the costs of loans from start to finish.

  • 21st Jan, 2013