Credit Monitoring Service Review

privacy guard offers an excellent option for people that are seeking comprehensive credit monitoring on tight budget. Customers of the service monitoring service receive the latest triple-bureau credit report and credit scores every month. With PrivacyGuard, customers are able to detect inaccuracies and warning signs of identity theft that could place the credit in jeopardy. The following are some of the great features of this credit monitoring service, along with some drawbacks that may leave some customers disappointed.


Privacy Guard is essentially a one-stop resource that enables customers to access a multitude of credit reports and credit monitoring services available. Customers receive credit scores for the three major credit bureaus, monitor the three credit files around the clock, and are given a monthly statement every 30 days about changes to the account or emails about major red flags. Plus, if a customer’s identity is stolen, there are specialized fraud professionals at PrivacyGuard who can help manage the case and provide personalized support. The membership also features up to $1 million identity theft insurance with no deductible to cover the hassles of legal fees and refilling credit applications.


Many other companies on the market come with complex plans and hidden fees that can add up rather quickly, but PrivacyGuard has one flat rate for all of the services. At just $14.99 each month, the credit monitoring service is one of the most cost-effective plans available. The best part is that customers still receive loads of standard services with this affordable price, which makes it the best bet for customers that need comprehensive monitoring without the big bucks. In addition, customers have a trial period of 30 days to take PrivacyGuard for a test run, all absolutely free.


Although lenders often look at an individual’s FICO score or VantageScore, PrivacyGuard accounts do not let customers view either of these credit scores. While this is common within the industry, it is a drawback for customers that are seeking access to the same information that potential lenders are viewing. If it is crucial that customers receive these scores in their credit report, it is suggested that they shop around to find another comprehensive company.

Another area where PrivacyGuard is lacking is with online resource tools. For instance, there is no way to establish a security freeze on a customer’s account. This is an alarming oversight considering the majority of other similar companies offer security freezes, which prevent the company from sharing the information without consent. Furthermore, customers with a PrivacyGuard membership cannot file a disputes form online when errors come up. Instead, customers have to take the extra time to contact the agency and fill out a printable dispute form.


Overall, the low monthly fees for Credit Monitoring service enable customers to receive credit reports, accurate credit monitoring, and protection from identity theft. However, the tradeoff for this discounted price comes in the form of the inability to receive a FICO score and VantageScore, as well as fewer online resources. While it is an excellent service for such a low price, it is highly recommended that customers ensure the service will satisfy all of their credit monitoring needs before signing up.