How to Pick the Best Cash Back Credit Card

cash back card image

cash back card imageOpening a brand new cash back credit card is a fantastic method to begin getting a little something back for the purchases you make. If used prudently, you can earn points for every dollar you spend and redeem them for cash, goods or travel coupons.

Follow our easy guide to get the best card for you, if you’re thinking of getting a cash back card in the near future.

1. Select a card in your credit rating range. With any card you put in your application for, ensure it is in your reach, or your credit score range. For those who have a credit score of 620 but are trying to get a rewards credit card, it’s likely that you’ll have a difficult time getting approved.  Take a look at your chances of getting approved by using a credit card approval estimator like the one at Credit Karma . You will be able to see the general range of scores that are typically accepted for the various cards.

2. Select a card that has an annual fee as long as the advantages outweigh the price. Should you apply for a card with a $95 annual fee, but your money back rewards significantly surpass $95 for the entire year, the fee might be worthwhile. Although some money back cards include an annual fee, it really is simple to locate a card that is fee-free. For example, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card Click Here for additional Cash Back Credit Card Offers is a fantastic cashback pick which does not have any annual fee.

3. Select a card with a higher percentage of cash back. Not all of these programs are made equal. Some offer 1% cash straight back on purchases, while the others, such as the Discover It Card, offer more. Before you pick your card read all the fine print for the cash back offer to make sure you’re getting what you want.

4. Select a card with a cashback signup bonus. Should you may spend up to a particular dollar amount within the first several months of card membership, you may be entitled to a cash back bonus, just for reaching this spending milestone.

This is often a fantastic method to increase your money back benefits right out from the gate. While these bonus cash-back offers vary from time to time, it is possible to commonly find an offer for $100 or $200 cash-back after spending $500 in the very first couple of months of card membership.


5. Pick a cash back card with unlimited cash-back. Some rewards cards set a limit on how much cash back you can accrue over the course of a year. Choose a card that will let you earn as much cash back as you can. Some rewards cards limit the number of cash back you are allowed to get in a twelve months. Ensure that you select a card that’ll allow you to get just as much cash straight back as you like, such as the SimplyCash Business Card from American Express.

6. Select a card with simple rewards redemption. Explore the redemption policy for the card you decide to ensure it is simple, fast and uncomplicated. The Chase Freedom Visa has a simple application which allows you to credit your cash back earnings toward your statement balance, store by means of your cash back within the Ultimate Rewards website, or get a check for the dollar amount of the money back you have made.

Once your new card arrives, be sure to make use of your cashback card responsibly to help build your credit rating.  Here’s a few things you should consider.

  • Getting cash back for purchases could tempt you to really overspend. Remember to maintain your charge card balance below 30% of your available credit limit. This will allow you to limit spending, but more significantly, it’ll keep your credit healthier.
  • Look closely at opt-in categories. Some cash back cards will provide you with additional cash back on particular categories that rotate throughout the year. Nevertheless, you generally must choose to get this benefit.  Setup an e-mail or calendar alarm to remind you when it is time to sign up for a new category.  Make a record of these categories so you know where you should utilize your card in the future.
  • Pay off your balance every month. Getting rewarded for spending could be amazing, but should you begin making use of your card more often, do not fail to pay it off. For those who have a balance remaining in your card at the conclusion of the month, you’ll wind up paying interest on such sum, that may basically negate your money back earnings.