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Review of the LifeLock Credit Monitoring Service

Picture this: you’ve just passed the mid-day point of an average work day. You’re finally about to dig into that task you couldn’t get to yesterday when you’re abruptly interrupted by your phone ringing. It’s your credit card company asking if you’ve

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  • 29th May, 2013

Tips for Monitoring Your Credit Report & Credit Scores


Poor credit can lead to negative rates of interest that may cost you hundreds to you when you go to apply for a home loan, a vehicle loan or even a student loan. It might even prevent you from renting

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  • 20th May, 2013

Monthly Credit Score Monitoring Tips You Should Know

Credit Rating Grade image

Monthly credit score monitoring is a service offered by all three credit rating agencies, as well as many third-party companies. Credit card, insurance and loan companies are offering their own brands of monthly credit score monitoring. Consumers may ask why

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  • 3rd Apr, 2013

The Truth About Monitoring Credit Scores & Reports


One way to keep track of your credit history is to monitor your credit score. Though the process may seem simple, each credit bureau may calculate a different credit score for you. To complicate matters, there are different types of

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  • 11th Feb, 2013