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How to Get a Lower Rate on Your Credit Cards

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Credit card companies offer various interest rates, or “APRs,” for their products. Customer with excellent credit ratings qualify for the best rates offered. Customers with fair to good credit will generally pay a higher APR on credit cards than those

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  • 7th May, 2013

The Best Credit Cards to Start Building Credit


If you have not yet begun to build a good credit history, you should take steps to do so. Establishing credit is essential for obtaining credit, qualifying for loans, and even connecting utilities at your home. Many people who are

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  • 15th Mar, 2013

Top Reasons You Can’t Get a Credit Card

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If you have applied for credit cards in the past and have been turned down, the credit card company provided you with some cryptic reason of why you were denied. In fact, whenever you are denied credit, the lender or

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  • 5th Mar, 2013